UK: Judge sends cocaine-dealing law firm employee & partner to jail and warns them having good jobs doesn’t grant ‘special’ status

The Daily Mail reports 

A middle-class couple who sold cocaine to their circle of friends have been jailed after a judge warned that having good jobs did not grant them ‘special’ status.

Law firm worker Jordan Heeley, 31, and his girlfriend Alexandra Ditcham, 28, who was training to become a social worker, were on course to make £60,000 a year in illicit sales to their dinner party set before being caught.

They had run their operation from Heeley’s apartment in a grade II-listed former Methodist Sunday school building in the hope of making money on top of their salaries and to help fund Ditcham’s university studies, a court heard.

They earned £13,000 in profit in just ten weeks by supplying friends who would use the cocaine at social gatherings.

After the couple admitted drug dealing, their lawyers urged a judge to impose suspended sentences, producing 23 glowing testimonials from fellow professionals calling for clemency.

However, Judge Steven Everett gave them 28 months each, telling them: ‘You are not special people.’

He said some young people had a ‘devil-may-care’ attitude to cocaine. He added: ‘They might say, ‘It’s just drugs, lots of us do it, therefore it’s not that serious’ but in actual fact it is just the reverse. You were selling a dangerous drug. I see people who take cocaine, steal, rob and burgle just to fund their addiction for this terrible drug.’

Judge Everett said the couple knew that cocaine was responsible for ‘a huge problem in our society’. Saying he took ‘a serious view’ of their actions, he added: ‘It was not to fund an addiction or pay off debts, you wanted more money. You are not special people. You are two people who made the decision to sell this evil drug.’

Police raided the couple’s two-bedroom apartment in Macclesfield, Cheshire, in April 2021 after being tipped off about ‘drug activity’ there, prosecutor Peter Hussey told Chester Crown Court.

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