UK newspaper The Mirror reports that Flynn will attempt to put forward a formal Private Member’s Bill in October after saying it is people’s “duty” to break the law and use the drug in parliament.

He is pushing the slim chance to change the law even though he’s against smoking and says he’s never used weed once in his “long, boring life”.

The MP for Newport, South Wales, insists views have softened in recent years – with the Lib Dems now in favour of full legalisation.

Mr Flynn believes the Class B drug, possession of which can carry a 5-year prison term, is a “medicine that’s been found to have unique properties” for multiple sclerosis suffers and chemotherapy patients.

He branded the government’s approach “profound gaping bottomless stupidity” and said licensing the drug could raise “huge amounts” of tax.

He told the Mirror: “There’s a huge amount of money to be raised if you have a legal market.

“You’ve got money now that’s pouring into the black market for people who almost certainly don’t pay taxes on it.”

Mr Flynn said the government had found evidence that illegal drugs had been found in every prison in the country

“It’s bloody crazy,” he said.

“They’re hiding their heads in the sand and ignoring the fact that if we can’t keep drugs out of any of the prisons in the country, how do we keep them out of clubs or schools or anywhere else?

“They’re ignoring a mountain of evidence before their eyes that the drug laws are doing more harm than the drugs themselves.”

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