UK: Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary Says He’d Nix London Mayor Khan’s Plans To De-Criminalize Cannabis

With Labour running high in the polls this will appeal to wavering Tory voters..

Eastern Eye reports

London mayor Sadiq Khan’s plan to legalise cannabis has suffered a set back as the Labour shadow justice secretary said that the party will oppose any such move if it wins the next general election, media reports said.

Steve Reed said that the party would not look to decriminalise or legalise any recreational drugs, and Khan will not be given powers to do so, reported The Telegraph. He added that Labour will not allow Khan to turn London into a ‘drug supermarket’.

“Khan is entitled to his view, but mayors will not be responsible under this government or under a Labour government for that policy. So he can express whatever he likes, but he’ll never have the opportunity to do it under a Labour government because we won’t be liberalising drugs laws,” Reed was quoted as saying by The Telegraph.

“He’s contributing to a debate, but he won’t have the power to do anything about it, however that comes about.”

Khan launched a commission, chaired by Lord Charlie Falconer QC, a former lord chancellor and justice secretary, to examine the effectiveness of the UK’s drug laws, with a particular focus on those governing cannabis.

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