UK: ‘Large’ cannabis farm found at former Poundland in The Shambles

TWO men have been arrested after a 500-plant cannabis farm was uncovered at a former pound shop in the city centre.

The 24-year-old and 41-year-old men have been arrested on suspicion of cannabis production and remain in police custody after the discovery in The Shambles today (Tuesday).

PC Rowan Boyle said: “I can confirm over 500 plants were located with the shambles cannabis grow.”

Staff working near the former Poundland said they noticed a strong smell of cannabis in the mornings.

Shoppers also said they could smell the drug as they passed the old pound shop which has been empty since the shop closed in March 2020.

One business owner, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “When you get here in the mornings it used to smell so strongly of the stuff and I guess now we know why.”

The cannabis farm was in the upper section of the empty shop which was cordoned off with police tape and had a police guard outside.


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