UK: LSD imported from Netherlands were addressed to man’s Consett address

A man who borrowed money on his release from prison was then pressured into importing psychotropic drugs on behalf of others, a court heard.

Kevin Blackwood’s address was found on a package from the Netherlands intercepted by Revenue and Customs officers at a freight depot, on June 29.

Durham Crown Court heard that the package, bearing the logo ‘Fitness Club’, contained 1,925 doses of the psychedelic drug LSD, or ‘acid’.

A warrant was obtained for a search at his home address on July 6, when the defendant was found in bed.

Lewis Kerr, prosecuting, said there were numerous packages lying about the bedroom and Blackwood told officers: “There are all sorts there.”

He said he was paid to hang onto those packages and was threatened to look after them.

Blackwood said he would repackage them and sell them on, for which he received £1,000.

He said he would launder money through crypto-currency accounts.

Mr Kerr said the defendant, “clearly had some link close to the source of the drugs” and would expect, “some financial gain.”

Blackwood made admissions in interview, and, at a recent plea hearing, the 43-year-old defendant, of Richardson Way, Consett, pleaded guilty to fraudulent evasion of a prohibition, in relation to the imported LSD.

He also admitted being concerned in the supply of cannabis, plus three counts of being in possession of a drug with intent to supply, psilocin, brolamphetamine and ketamine, two bracketed in class A and one at class B.

The court heard he has eight convictions for ten offences, the last being 14-months in prison for a previous drug offence.


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