17 October 2016

The Derby Telegraph reports..

A maintenance worker at a hospital was caught with more than £300 of cannabis he had bought for pain relief for symptoms of cancer.

Colin Pavier was caught with the drug in the car park at Babington Hospital in Belper after police smelled cannabis near his van. Pavier handed over a wrap of the drug and then the officers found more in a bag inside the vehicle.

Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court heard that Pavier told police the cannabis, for which he had paid £320, was for his own use and he had decided to buy it for pain relief. He told them he was planning to drink it with lemon and honey. Mark Luckett, for Pavier, said: “Sadly four years ago he was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, during that time he has had extensive courses of chemotherapy.”

Mr Luckett said “foolishly” Pavier had decided to do some research on the internet and found something that said if you drink cannabis with lemon and honey then it would slow the growth of the cancer. Mr Luckett added: “He is medicated with very strong pain killers but at times finds the pain is unbearable.”

The court heard that when Pavier, 48, was caught he had been a hospital maintenance worker and had bought the cannabis 10 minutes earlier. Mr Luckett said: “He has no previous convictions for drugs at all. He’s in full-time work. He’s been married for 19 years.” Magistrates fined Pavier, of Main Road, Ravenshead, Nottingham, £216 and ordered him to pay £85 court costs.

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