UK: No.10 Says It Doesn’t Support Home Secretary, Braverman’s, Desire To Re-Schedule Cannabis To A Class A Drug

The Guardian reports this morning

Downing Street has distanced itself from reports that Suella Braverman wished to reclassify marijuana as a class A drug amid sniping from parliamentary colleagues that the home secretary was failing to fall into line with government policies.

The prime minister’s spokesperson said on Monday that there were “no plans” to change the drug from class B, despite several reports claiming that those close to the home secretary said she supported the move.

“Our priority is on cracking down on illegal drugs and the crime they drive. We’ve launched a drug strategy backed by record investment to deliver a whole-system approach to tackling supply and demand,” the prime minister’s spokesperson said.

A source close to the home secretary confirmed on Monday that there would be no attempt to declassify cannabis.

The apparent rebuke from No 10 came amid criticisms from Conservative colleagues who suspect that Braverman is consolidating her popularity among party members.

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