UK: Paralyzed Man Dies From Toxicity After Using Magic Mushrooms Inquest Hears

A music producer who had been paralysed in a crash five years earlier died after eating magic mushrooms, an inquest heard.

Dan Reed passed away from magic mushroom toxicity and multi organ failure in hospital in Taunton, Somerset, in July 2020.

The inquest heard the 27-year-old had been left paralysed from the chest down in a car crash caused by a friend in 2015.

The crash saw the death of another man and the driver was jailed for eleven years.

The inquest heard Mr Reed had asked an old friend to obtain the magic mushrooms which they both ate.

Dan had limited movement in his left arm and had a sophisticated specially made wheelchair to move around, as well as an infra-red patch on his forehead to use his computer.

Phone devices seized by police showed Snapchat images of Dan being fed the mushrooms by the friend and the inquest heard there was ‘no dispute’ about that as Dan was ‘unable to feed himself’.

But within 30 minutes of eating 2.5grams of the mushrooms his friend raised the alarm with Dan’s grandfather Barry at their home in Burnham-On-Sea, Somerset, as he started hallucinating and slipping in and out of consciousness.

He was rushed to hospital but died the next day.

The police investigated the case but the Crown Prosecution Service did not prosecute the friend because ‘there was no element of malice or foresight of the consequences’.


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