UK: Police cannabis dealing warning after grandmother charged

The BBC reports

Detectives have warned families against helping drug-dealing relatives after a grandmother in her 70s was charged.

Nottinghamshire Police said dealers were using their grandparents’ homes to store drugs, weapons and cash in a bid to evade arrest.

The force has carried out an increasing number of raids at grandparents’ homes in the Broxtowe, Aspley and Bilborough areas.

Officers are now warning that grandparents and parents could find themselves in trouble if they knowingly help a family member’s drug-dealing activities.

The advice comes after a grandmother, from the Aspley area, was charged with the conspiracy to supply cannabis.

Insp Gordon Fenwick said: “Firstly, I think naively drug dealers don’t think they will get caught if there are no drugs in their own homes and it won’t raise suspicions about their criminal behaviour. They are wrong.

“Some of these drug dealers are obviously exploiting their grandparents and we’ve had cases where grandparents were unaware their grandkids were storing Class A drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine at the address.

“However, we are aware of some incidents where we have evidence such as mobile phones being used by grandparents to organise drug deals and they are very much part of the operation.

“But police officers are noticing that increasingly criminals seem to be using these addresses to commit their crimes from.”

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