UK: Sativa Group Appoints Cenkos Securities As Corporate Adviser

Sativa Group, the UK’s biggest quoted medicinal cannabis company, has appointed Cenkos Securities as its corporate adviser and broker, underlining the group’s ambition to tap into Europe’s emerging medical marijuana industry.

“The appointment of Cenkos is a big step for the company and is an indication of how the City of London is starting to acknowledge the potential opportunities of the medicinal cannabis market,” Geremy Thomas, Sativa’s founder and chief executive, said.

Sativa listed in March 2018 on NEX Exchange, London’s market for small, high-growth companies, as an investment vehicle to allow UK investors to take stakes in Canadian medicinal cannabis companies. On June 12, shareholders approved a change of name to Sativa Group, after NEX allowed the company to move to being a trading business.

Sativa now has two trading divisions. These are PhytoVista Laboratories and George Botanicals, which develops, manufactures and distributes wellness products derived from cannabis oil, or CBD.

Read the full article at Financial News London

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