UK Weed Dealer Offers Free Penguin Chocolate Bars With Every Purchase In SM Pitch

For North Americans a little FYI – Penguin bars in the UK have the same cultural cachet as Oreos in the US



drug dealer has been getting creative with their illegal sales by including packets of McVitie’s Penguin cake bars with cannabis orders.

A screenshot of a message from the dealer, offering 4.5 grams of the Class B drug along with the sweet treats, went viral on Twitter/X after it was shared by the @shottatexts account – a page that posts bizarre user-submitted messages from the underworld.

The WhatsApp shows the unusual offer was a one off for the first person to reply. It read: “Next 4.5g/£30 gets free penguin cake bars on top of order! Active 24/7 deals running just ask.” The deal even turned the heads of regular law-abiding citizens, who joked that the addition of Penguin bars made it tempting.

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