Understanding the complicated world of dab rigs

Marijuana has always been a product of enjoyment for people looking for a high or sorts. Recently marijuana and marijuana related products and accessories have become increasingly popular and much more widely available to the general public with many new innovations coming to light and a long string of new technologies being developed and constantly improved. For example, vaporisers and bongs.

With the development of these new technologies, marijuana consumption has been the easiest it has ever been before by providing the cannabis market with revolutionary methods of consumption, such as dabbing. With every new development comes a bigger cloud of smoke or a longer, stronger high, there is something that for everyone.

For anyone looking in to getting more involved in the marijuana market or test different products to see what works best for them, they might be curious to try  dab rigs, which sounds confusing but is a lot easier than one might think. Continue reading for a brief introduction into the complicated world of dab rigs and dabbing.

What are dab rigs?

Similar in style and look to glass bongs, dab rigs, also known as oil rigs or dab bongs, are glass devices that resemble bongs but are a decent amount smaller. A dab rig is a device that is used to smoke a variety of substances, from oils, concentrates, extracts, to waxes.

Although one can’t really call this smoking as there is technically no combustion involved and there is no burning of products. It is a vapour based smoking accessory that’s makes just of different components in the rig to heat and transform the product.

It is hard to pinpoint when exactly the dab rig was invented but is it known that it was developed by a Canadian man in the mid to late 2000s, with a prototype being released within that time. This prototype soon became massively popular among the cannabis community and the use of dab rigs spread like wild fire.


The different components

Made up of only 3 components, a dab rig is probably one of the more simple tools to use when smoking. The first and second thing you will need are the glass piece and the nail. These two usually come together but can also be purchased separately for the best experience. The last component needed to complete your dab rig is a torch to heat up the nail. This unfortunately has does not comes as parts of the set however, it is a crucial part.

Going back to nails, we find that there is an insane variety of these shallow dish type things to choose from, all serving different functions and working better for different people. A nail goes down the down stem of you rig and it the component which is heated to vaporize the product.

A glass nail looks sleek and can be durable but will also break easily, much like a ceramic nail might. Quartz nails are considered to be one of the best nails to use as they retain the most heat without burning a product. Lastly, Titanium nails are wildly popular for their durability but to have the ability to overheat and burn your product.

How to dab

With 3 simple steps, learning how to dab is relatively easy for any newcomer. Firstly, you should apply a small amount of the product (concentrate, oil, wax) on to the nail. Step two is to heat the nail with a torch, and lastly as soon as you dab the wax on the nail, place your mouth over the mouth piece as the product vaporizes immediately.

What else might you need?

Once becoming more familiar with the dab rig one might look into accessories that can be purchased in over to up the game and make the experience even better.

One of the most popular accessories to go along with a dab rig is a dabber, a pen like device that is use to dab the product on to the nail rather just using the product straight from the bottle. Dabbers come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and colours which are not necessary to the function of the rig but more for the look or aesthetic, and they are just fun. When it comes t choosing a dabber it is recommended to buy it after you have chosen your dab rig so you can find one that works well for you.

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