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OMP Introduces New Guidance Documents
Today, the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy unveiled a series of new guidance documents intended to assist adult use marijuana program (AUMP) licensees with complying with various regulatory requirements.

New Guidance Documents

  • COVID-19 Precautions and Guidance Checklist
    OMP has collaborated with the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development and the Maine Department of Health and Human Services’ Center for Disease Control and Prevention to develop a COVID-19 checklist for adult use licensees.

    The checklist provides important public health guidance and business considerations for both employers and retailers. While this is a living document that is subject to revision as more is learned about COVID-19 and the state’s response adapts accordingly, we hope that it serves as a valuable resource to the businesses we regulate as they seek to safely and responsibly establish their new businesses.

  • Advertising, Marketing and Labeling FAQ
    This guidance is provided by OMP in response to inquiries regarding program rules for the packaging, labeling, and marketing of marijuana and marijuana products for retail sale in the AUMP. The document is presented in a “frequently asked questions” format.
  • Certification of Scales Used in Marijuana-related Operations
    OMP and the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry’s Weights and Measures Program jointly issue this guidance regarding the certification requirements for scales and balances used in the cultivation, manufacture, testing and sale of marijuana, marijuana concentrate, and marijuana products as required by Title 28-B and the AUMP rule.
  • Proper Disposal of Marijuana Waste
    OMP partnered with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection to provide AUMP licensees with resources to inform waste management plan development and to promote safe, healthy, and environmentally sustainable waste management practices by all program participants.
  • Getting Started Guide: Metrc Inventory Tracking System
    Introduced on Friday, this guidance document is intended to cover the initial tasks a new licensee will need to perform in Metrc upon receiving their active credentials.

    Please note: This guide is intended as a supplement and is not meant to be a substitute for more extensive training and/or system documentation made available from Metrc.

All guidance documents issued by OMP are available on our website:

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OMP Enhances Open Data Portal with AUMP Licensee and Applicant Data
A preview of the new applicant and licensee search dashboard.
In furtherance of OMP’s commitment to transparency, we are pleased to announce a new AUMP dashboard has been added to our existing Open Data portal.

The new tool, previewed above, features an “Applicant and Licensee Search” tab which allows interested parties to review all entities which have current and/or pending adult use applications with OMP. By clicking on any of the particular license numbers or names, principal and ownership information for that particular entity will populate in fields below, including information on other AUMP licenses with which those individuals are associated.

A second “Entity Search” tab lists all owners and principals and allows for queries of the database by individual or business name. Once an owner or principal is selected, licensee information populates in the field below.

OMP intends to update this information weekly on a Monday refresh cycle.