URGENT NOTICE: Recall of Medical Marijuana Products – Empire Strains, LLC and KushCandy 420, LLC – Batch 153, Lot A

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) is requesting a recall of certain products processed by Empire Strains, LLC and KushCandy 420, LLC, medical marijuana processors in the Oklahoma County area.

The products being recalled are vape cartridges labeled as Empire Strains or Ju·Ju that show Batch Number 153, Lot A on the labeling. Medical marijuana products labeled as Empire Strains or Ju·Ju that show Batch 153, Lot A have failed required testing and may not be safe for consumers.

Patients or caregivers who have affected medical marijuana products in their possession should contact Empire Strains, LLC, KushCandy 420, LLC, or the dispensary they purchased the above products from for information on their recall procedures.

Source:  https://omma.ok.gov/articles/urgent-notice-recall-medical-marijuana-products-%E2%80%93-empire-strains-llc-and-kushcandy-420-llc-

Batch and lot information can be located on the back of the packaging.

Sample pictures are below.

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