Montevideo Portal reports that.

The  Uruguayan President  Luis Lacalle Pou has signed two decrees “to promote and energize the cannabis industry .”

At a press conference this Thursday, the deputy secretary of the Presidency of the Republic, Rodrigo Ferrés, announced that “the export of medicinal cannabis on the one hand” and “the export of hemp on the other” are authorized.

With regard to medicinal cannabis, Ferrés said that these are products “that were for different reasons without being able to be marketed since 2018.”

“The export of the 2018, 2019 and 2020 harvests is enabled, with prior authorization from the Ministry of Public Health,” Ferrés said about medicinal cannabis.

“These are stocks of medicinal cannabis production by companies that had purchase commitments abroad and had not had the corresponding authorizations from the previous administration,” he added.

Regarding the authorization of the sale of non-psychoactive hemp, he said that it is “a similar situation” of “crops from 2018 until now”.

Ferrés pointed out that these decrees are in line with “the policy of the Executive Power and the president’s decision to promote this industry as a country brand.”

In addition, the prosecutor believes that this impulse will generate “many foreign exchange and sources of work for the country.”

Finally, he said that work will continue “in the regulatory framework to allow the installation of value-added companies, drying plants, etc.”