US Hemp Authority Looking For Public Commentary On New Guidance Plan

Bezinga report…The U.S Hemp Authority has announced the launch of its Guidance Plan 2.0, which has the goal of making the U.S. Hemp Authority Certification Program stronger and fully-encompassing.

The program is a work in progress. For the program to succeed, the U.S. Hemp Authority has opened up its processes and deliberations to include all individuals, firms and organizations in the U.S. hemp industry.

Now, for a limited time, the public is being asked for their comments and feedback to the new guidance plan.

Between now and Sept. 15, people can reach out to U.S. Hemp Authority’s independent consultant, David Bossman, at and provide any insight.

“We are excited about the broad industry input we’ve received in the development of Guidance Plan 2.0 and we look forward to even more involvement during the public comment period,” U.S. Hemp Authority’s Marielle Weintraub told Benzinga. “We encourage all hemp industry participants – from farmers to processors to brand owners – to help us ensure that our standards provide the strongest assurances that certified hemp and hemp products are safe, quality and legal.”


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