Here’s their press release about moving guidance plans forward …

Starting this month, we are asking all Hemp Supporters – farmers, processors, manufacturers, product sellers, retailers and consumers – to weigh in on how we can make our Guidance Plan even stronger – how we can make the US Hemp Authority™ Certification Seal an even prouder symbol of safety and legality.

It’s simple to participate:

  1. Click here to review Guidance Plan 1.0.
  2. Click here to make comments for Guidance Plan 2.0.
Our web site provides details, a timetable for action and an easy to use Web form to submit your comments.  Our first deadline is April 15 – initial suggestions for changes and additions to the Guidance Plan – so please act soon. These comments will be used by the Technical Committee to create the draft of Guidance Plan 2.0, and there will be a second opportunity to submit comments to that draft commencing on June 1. Please participate now so we have a great draft in June!