US Hemp Roundtable: As we forewarned last week, an amendment to the Farm Bill has been offered that would federally ban all ingestible hemp products with any level of THC.

As we forewarned last week, an amendment to the Farm Bill has been offered that would federally ban all ingestible hemp products with any level of THC.

This amendment from Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) would not only ban potentially impairing products like Delta-8, but it would bring under a new prohibition all non-intoxicating CBD products with any quantifiable amount of THC – meaning 90-95% of the hemp products market would be federally banned.  Even animal feed – which has been approved by FDA for these uses – would be banned. Redefining hemp to include a calculation of THC-A would even wreak havoc in the fiber and grain market.

Statement from U.S. Hemp Roundtable General Counsel Jonathan Miller regarding the Mary Miller amendment: 
The Mary Miller amendment – built on proposals offered by monopoly-seeking marijuana companies – can be read here.


We need YOUR help NOW to defeat this cynical effort to destroy the U.S. hemp industry for anti-competitive reasons. The vote on the Mary Miller amendment will take place tomorrow after 11 AM, so we have less than 24 hours to let Congress understand the destructive nature of this effort.

Please use our Federal Action Center right now to send an urgent message to your Representative urging him or her to oppose this hemp farmer-killing amendment. And please share this notice widely to your friends, business associates, customers, and social media contacts. We need to flood Capitol Hill now before it is too late!

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