US Hemp Roundtable Latest State By State Update

California: Bill AB 228– which would formally legalize the retail sale of hemp products such as CBD – is in the final stages. The Senate Appropriations Committee meets on August 30 to consider amendments to the bill that will impose labeling requirements and, if passed, will head to the Senate floor and back to the House for final concurrence. If you live in California, please visit our State Action Center today to urge your legislators to support AB 228.

Mississippi:  Mississippi, one of three states – including South Dakota and Idaho – without a hemp program, has created a Hemp Cultivation Task Force. We encourage Mississippians to use our State Action Center to encourage your legislators to permit the growing of hemp and the retail sale of hemp products like CBD.

Pennsylvania: Senate Bill 335– which would explicitly permit the sale of ingestible hemp products like CBD – is on the move. The Roundtable has provided its formal recommendations for improvements, but legislators need to hear from their constituents. If you live in Pennsylvania, please visit our State Action Center today and urge your legislators to support SB 335.

Nevada: In passing Senate Bill 209 this summer, Nevada has expanded its hemp growth program, and explicitly permitted the retail sale of hemp products like CBD, with testing and labeling requirements. Stay tuned to this space as Nevada develops its regulations to implement this new law.

New Mexico: The New Mexico Environmental Department has issued temporary rules for the growth of hemp and the sale of hemp products. The Roundtable submitted its formal comments which focus on labeling and manufacturing requirements. We encourage New Mexican residents to share their input with the Environmental Department at this email address.

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