15 November 2016

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Here is how they see the three possible choices reacting to the cannabis industry

Christie: Chris Christie is one of the most ardent opponents of marijuana legalization on the national stage. He has stated in very clear terms that he would enforce federal marijuana laws even in states that have fully legalized marijuana. The only time he has backed down on the issue was in September, when he signed a New Jersey bill adding PTSD to the list of ailments for which marijuana can be recommended. Otherwise, Christie has shown a keen interest in cracking down on marijuana. Christie’s chances of becoming attorney general, however, are hampered by the “Bridgegate” scandal and bad blood between him and Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law (for having prosecuted Kushner’s father). Recent reports are that Christie has been pushed out of Trump’s inner circle. Christie as attorney general is a scary proposition, but it is looking less likely.

Giuliani: During his 2008 campaign for president, Giuliani made statements that were as strongly anti-marijuana as Christie’s recent statements. He has made fewer public statements on it in recent years, but he is generally assumed to still be a drug warrior and a pot-hater.

Bondi: Pam Bondi is the Florida Attorney General who ran into scandal for accepting a $25,000 campaign donation from the Trump Foundation while Florida was considering joining a lawsuit against Trump University, which she opted not to join. On the marijuana question, Bondi was actively against medical marijuana legalization in Florida, but she did not fight to keep the 2016 ballot initiative off the ballot. That acquiescence, however, was based more on an acceptance that there was no legal way to challenge it as opposed to a change of belief on marijuana itself. Still, it is hard to imagine a state official feeling comfortable with federal law enforcement going after marijuana businesses and users in a state that just passed medical marijuana with a 70% plus majority.