An amazing story on today. Now, if he’d joined the Marines he’d still be out in the field furiously munching away on as many hemp seed granola bars as he possibly could get his hands on.

Here’s some of the report

The Department of Defense (DOD) seemingly has an issue with their enlisted personnel eating healthy foods – and that had an onerous effect for one Air Force major that led to his general court-martial.

Now before the Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals, the nation’s highest military court is contemplating the effectiveness of the Air Force’s ban on consuming any snacks containing hemp seeds or products that were made from hemp seed oil.

Joseph Pugh, the Air Force major convicted of dereliction of duty by a panel of officers at a general court-martial for eating a Strong & Kind granola bar, had his case heard by the Court of Appeals on Oct. 11 in Washington, D.C.

Per DOD regulations, all service members are prohibited from using any controlled substances. Those “controlled substances” included marijuana and synthetic cannabinoids – but not hemp-based products.

Less than consistent, or easy to comprehend, each branch of the armed services has their own pet peeve.

Which Branch Bans What?

  • Air Force – Hemp Oil/Seeds/Products
  • United States Army — Hemp Oil/Seeds/Products
  • United States Coast Guard – Hemp Oil/Seeds/Products
  • United States Navy – No Formal Hemp Policy
  • The United States Marine Corps – No Formal Hemp Policy