14 November 2016

Unfortunately they don’t tell exactly where they sourced this “Federal Data” CLR will be researching and if possible publishing that federal data

The report goes on to say

More than three years into Washington’s legal pot experiment, a large majority of businesses are paying taxes electronically, a sign of better access to bank accounts. The state is even poised to require electronic payments unless the shops can show a good reason to pay in cash.

“People don’t call me anymore and say, ‘I’m opening a new business and I can’t find a bank account,'” said Robert McVay, a Seattle marijuana business attorney.

Marijuana’s prohibition under federal law still presents a serious hurdle for pot-related businesses, which generally can’t accept credit or debit cards due to card companies’ fears about liability for money laundering or other offenses.

Many legal pot shops in Washington, Colorado and Oregon — the only states with legal recreational sales so far — and dispensaries in medical marijuana states keep ATMs on site to facilitate cash transactions.

Full Report http://bigstory.ap.org/article/804ae396daab4ba98f814b186f872ef6/banking-woes-easing-some-legal-pot-businesses