19 August 2016

Cannabas Business Executive write

Hearing about the lack of standards in the cannabis industry comes as quite a surprise to most. After all, cannabis is one of the most highly regulated industries in existence today. Complicated terminology and varied definitions, however, often confuse the difference between standards and regulations.

While more than half of the United States currently permits cannabis for medical or adult use, it continues to remain illegal under federal law. This regulatory contradiction creates a significant problem: inconsistent and disjointed cannabis regulations that severely increases risk to the health and safety of consumers.

Regulations are detailed instructions issued by regulatory bodies or public authorities on how laws are to be carried out or enforced. Regulations are sometimes referred to as “rules” or “administrative laws.” They carry the force of law – their application is mandatory.

Standards are an agreed upon way of doing things. A standard is pre-determined criteria for a given situation. Standards make things work by providing guidelines or requirements for products, services and systems. They are not good or bad, but provide a basis to measure and assess activities and things.

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