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If you’re serious about seeing (and driving) real change in medical cannabis laws, ensuring access for patients and reforming regulation, you need to see the ASA Unity Conference.

For the past five years, Unity has equipped patients, physicians and citizens to be successful medical cannabis policy advocates on all levels, from grassroots to government.

Join Insider before midnight TONIGHT and receive FREE unlimited access ($147 value) to the Unity Conference arsenal of tools, techniques and game-changing strategies used by the frontline experts making a difference in cannabis reform, from the NFL to Capitol Hill.

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In addition to best practices and new ideas on navigating medical cannabis issues in today’s political landscape, Unity provides professional development and leadership training in all areas of advocacy and will show you:

•    The role of cannabis in modern medicine.

•    Advocacy tips and techniques to immediately improve your effectiveness.

•    The state of medical cannabis in the US.

•    Public Affairs and Communications for reaching your desired audiences.

•    Professional Development to enhance skills and performance.

•    The latest developments in cannabis research and access.

•    And more…

Until every patient has safe access to medical cannabis, there will always be a need for activism. But for advocacy to be effective, it needs to be done right.