8 March 2017

Fox 6 report

Wisconsin Assembly UNANIMOUSLY approves marijuana extract; bill now heads to Gov. Walker

The state Assembly voted 98-0 Tuesday, March 7th to legalize possession of CBD oil, a marijuana extract used to treat seizures. The oil doesn’t produce a high.

The Legislature passed a similar bill in 2014, but it restricted access to people involved in medical trials. That led to renewed lobbying by parents still unable to legally obtain the treatment for their children, many of whom suffer from epilepsy.

Democrats said the bill should have gone farther by allowing the sale of CBD oil in the state.

The Senate overwhelmingly approved the bill on a 31-1 vote. The bill now heads to Gov. Scott Walker for his signature. Walker says he supports it.

Connecticut: Lawmakers split on legalizing recreational marijuana


HARTFORD – Connecticut lawmakers on Tuesday stepped into the thorny issue of legal marijuana and found only disagreement over whether the state should allow recreational use.

“It is time to consider legalizing marijuana for adults,” said State Rep Melissa Ziobron, R-East Haddam, and sponsor of a bill to legalize recreational use during testimony before the General Assembly’s public health committee.

“I realize this is a difficult issue for many,” Ziobron said. “But legal marijuana is safer than alcohol and tobacco. Marijuana has never caused a fatal overdose in the 7,000 years of reported human use.”

But Carolyn Dennis of Milford told the committee she opposes legalizing weed, especially under the guise of raising revenue.

“Do not threaten our state’s future by endangering the future welfare of our citizens’ health for a dollar,” Dennis said. “I expect that unlike the supporters of this proposed bill, you will not let budget woes take a front seat over the health of the residents and workers, children and adults in the state.”

Several bills before the General Assembly would allow Connecticut to legalize recreational use of weed for adults. Product quality would be regulated by the state and pot would be sold at state approved stores. An unspecified tax would be placed on sales, generating revenue for the state.


Bill extending rec rules to MMJ industry sent to CO governor


Massachusetts cannabis businesses warily await lawmaker tinkering

Los Angeles

Crucial Los Angeles marijuana ballot measure passes easily

West Virginia

West Virginia Lawmakers Introduce Medical Marijuana Bills

West Virginia Lawmakers Introduce Medical Marijuana Bills



Marijuana legalization could complicate Maine National Guard recruiting


The head of the Maine National Guard is worried that marijuana legalization could render more people ineligible for service even as a new tuition assistance program is helping recruit and retain members.

Brig. Gen. Douglas Farnham told lawmakers that the recent statewide vote to legalize recreational marijuana use for those 21 and over could “complicate” the life choices made by young people. Farnham expressed concerns that marijuana’s new status will make it “even more difficult for many to make good choices” and said lawmakers face a challenge as they work to legalize a drug that is still prohibited under federal law.