15 May 2017

Cannabiz Media License Database

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Your Single Source for Marijuana License Information

Tracking 16,000+ marijuana licenses across 27 states and growing

Every day, business owners and operators, investors, business professionals, financial experts, regulators, lobbyists, government officials, and journalists look for reliable and up-to-date information about the rapidly growing and changing marijuana industry. Now, they can get timely, accurate, and searchable data on over 16,000+ marijuana licenses in the Cannabiz Media License Database.

  • A Sales team leader needs a list of cultivators who might be interested in their greenhouse products
  • POS software vendors uses the database to track market share of their installed base
  • An information provider uses the database to validate addresses and contact information for an upcoming conference
  • An analyst searches for all the licenses owned by a competitor
  • A Marijuana Vendor seeking sales leads, downloads license data into their CRM system

The Cannabiz Media License Database were built to focus on all aspects of marijuana licensing. Unlike other databases and directories that focus on narrow data sets with limited and sometimes outdated information, the Cannabiz Media License Database provide the most detailed and up-to-date information on the market.

This is what they say in their About Us Section

About Us

Cannabiz Media is the most comprehensive source for U.S. marijuana licensing information acquiring and maintaining up-to-date data on over 16,000 marijuana licenses in the Cannabiz Media Database. Led by a team of content and data experts with domain expertise in regulatory and corporate information, Cannabiz Media helps journalists, regulators, researchers, business people, and investors understand and confidently operate in the evolving U.S. marijuana marketplace. Marijuana industry stakeholders use the Cannabiz Media Database to easily access and make sense of the industry so they can make informed business, regulatory, and reporting decisions.