Not satisfied with voting on 1 piece of legislation concerning cannabis Marijuana Moment reports that the house intends to vote on the Medical Marijuana Research Act in the coming week

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The bill, which has been slightly revised in the months since, will be considered under a procedure known as suspension of the rules, meaning there will be no further amendments and it will require a two-thirds majority to pass. Given the bipartisan nature of the legislation, sponsored by the unlikely duo of pro-legalization Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and prohibitionist Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD), it’s expected to get that support.

As the proposal was originally drafted, it would have made it so researchers could access marijuana from additional federally approved private manufacturers. But an amendment in the nature of a substitute was approved in committee that included the component expanding access to state-legal dispensaries.





House Will Vote On Marijuana Research Bill Allowing Scientists To Study Dispensary Cannabis This Week