USA: Miami Police officer arrested after FBI sting caught him stealing 7 kilograms of cocaine and $130,000 cash from drug dealers

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Officer Frenel was a cop since 2008. He was assigned to the property room protecting evidence that was used in criminal investigations.

Officer Frenel stole drugs and cash when he was off duty while using his take-home patrol vehicle.

The FBI got a tip that Officer Frenel had a tendency to rob drug dealers during traffic stops. So the FBI set up sting operations to catch Officer Frenel in the act.

FBI confidential sources plotted with Officer Frenel to rob a drug dealer of $52,000 cash. Frenel preferred to do the robberies outside of his usual precinct district because the police department would track people and ping their cell phones.

Officer Frenel usually received intelligence about a drug transactions.

In early November the FBI confidential source coordinated a drug bust robbery with Officer Frenel through group chats on Signal.

FBI employees were posing as drug traffickers. On November 3, 2023 the FBI undercover agents did a drug deal involving three kilograms of cocaine and $52,000 at the Stadium Hotel parking lot in Miami Gardens.

After the deal, Officer Frenel pulled over one of the FBI undercovers and told the FBI employee posing as the driver that his name was “Officer Martez” with the Miami Police Department, Dade County Narcotics Unit.

Officer Frenel was in full uniform and told the undercover employee that he was under investigation for drug dealing.


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