31 August 2016

Here’s the introduction to the piece.

In the main it appears they are leaving the public sector once they see how much money there is to be made in the private sector although we imagine limited tech, being understaffed and the constant confusion of revolving door legislation probably doesn’t help either.

They write

Turnover of key personnel at state marijuana agencies has become relatively common across the country, creating uncertainties for cannabis entrepreneurs already operating in an unpredictable environment.

Over the past two years, several top marijuana regulators in various states have departed – either voluntarily or because they were forced to step down.

In some cases, the moves have created delays in the licensing and approval process – leaving MJ business owners who are plotting their spending plans in the lurch.

At the very least, such turnover leads to question marks about how the program will be run down the road. Even seemingly routine personnel changes can hamper a state’s cannabis industry if the wrong person is chosen for the job.

So it behooves MJ entrepreneurs to keep tabs on who’s who in their state’s regulatory hierarchy, especially at a time when regulators are departing for higher paying private-sector jobs.

Full article at: http://mjbizdaily.com/regulators-come-go/