11 August 2016

We note that they don’t headline the following paragraph “Mission Statement” explicitly but it certainly reads like one

It reads..

Cannabis industry attorneys have the highest obligation to offer ethical, excellent, and accurate advice on cutting-edge and often murky issues. Our jobs are made more difficult by the quickly changing legal landscape. We must counsel clients on compliance, patient and consumer protection, business growth and strategy, and so much more. We act in the role of attorney, advisor, and fortune teller when our clients ask questions about risks that are nearly impossible to ascertain. NCBA is here to help you provide this guidance with confidence and with the knowledge necessary to succeed in this complicated landscape called cannabis law. And we are proud to offer a platform to our members and other qualified professionals to educate and assist other lawyers working in this ever-shifting field.

We’d suggest that it is their first stab at trying to state what the association stands for in a highly fragmented legal environment nationally

They are also moving ahead with their CLE program.. after having held a set of events recently in San Francisco they write…

CLE Webinar Form Seeking Submissions Is LIVE!

In reaching our goal of providing members with the best in legal education, we offer webinars for members and non-members. These webinars are easily accessible, recorded for later playback, and provide the information every business attorney–experienced or otherwise–needs to know when serving cannabis businesses. We encourage you to submit a proposal to present an online webinar. The submission form can be found here.

We look forward to receiving your webinar submissions and to seeing you at our next in-person CLE event, co-presented by NCBA and the University of Denver: Cannabis Law Institute, to be held on January 20-21, 2017 in Denver. You can find more information about this event on our website.

Thank you for your support!

Forthcoming events include

2016 Regional Networking & Educational Events:

  • August 10, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • September 1, Phoenix, Arizona
  • September 8, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • September 15, 16, South Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  • September 22, Seattle, Washington

2016-2017 National Networking & Educational Events:

  • November 15, Las Vegas, Nevada, Marijuana Business Conference & Expo
  • January 20-21 NCBA and DU present Cannabis Law Institute, Denver, Colorado