23 February 2017

This morning Ganjapreneur report on


Texas Officials Could Start MMJ Application Process This Week

The Texas Department of Public Safety is expected to begin accepting cultivation and dispensary license applications under the state’s Compassionate Use Act this week, according to a CBSDFW report. The law permits low-THC cannabis oils to be used as a treatment only for intractable epilepsy.


Arkansas MMJ Commission Releases Cultivation and Dispensary Rules

Arkansas’ Medical Marijuana Commission has released its final draft rules for awarding dispensary and cultivation licenses in the state, according to a Baxter Bulletin report. Under the regime, five cultivation licenses and 32 dispensary licenses will be granted throughout Arkansas.

The cultivation licensees, which do not have any geographic restrictions, will be approved based on their application merits, which carry a $15,000 application fee – half of which will be refunded if the applicant is not selected. Those selected will pay a $100,000 annual licensing fee.


Iowa Inches Toward Comprehensive MMJ Regime

Lawmakers in Iowa are considering legislation that would expand the qualifying conditions under the program, prevent it from expiring in July, and permit medical cannabis to be grown and sold in the state, the Globe Gazette reports. Currently, only patients with intractable epilepsy are able to access the program, and they must obtain their medicine elsewhere – in violation of state and federal laws.

The additional medical conditions covered by the program would need to be recommended by the University of Iowa’s medical college and approved by state lawmakers, and the products grown in the state would be low-THC and high-CBD, according to the bill text. The measure would also allow medical cannabis card holders from other states to make purchases in Iowa.


17.1.26 Schain Overview PA Application Process

Yesterday we reported on MMJ developments in Australia. Here’s what MJ Biz Daily are saying


First license issued to grow, research MMJ in Australia

Cann Group has received the first federal government license to grow medical cannabis in Australia and has submitted an application for a cultivation permit.

The new license permits the privately held company to legally grow medical marijuana and conduct research on how to use cannabis for medicinal purposes, according to Business Insider Australia.

“The license allows us to apply for a permit to progress our research and development programs, which are particularly focused on the breeding, cultivation, extraction and characterization of cannabinoids,” Cann Group chairman Allan McCallum told Business Insider.

Cann Group also has filed paperwork with federal regulators to receive a cultivation license and said it was confident it would get the green light.

And also in South Africa as previously reported

Medical Marijuana: SA To Legalize Medical Use Of Marijuana By February Ending

South African government is about finalizing its stand on whether or not it would legalize the use of medical marijuana in the country. Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) member of Parliament (MP) Mario Ambrosini who has since 2014, been pleading with Jacob Zuma’s government to legalize marijuana use for medical purposes, seems to be receiving  positive result as the IFP says that they have received a letter confirming that the medicines Control Council last week presented its findings to the council.


Medical Marijuana Inc (Otcmkts:Mjna)’S To Be Sold Under Prescription To Multiple Sclerosis Patients In Brazil

Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) has announced that its subsidiary, HempMeds Brasil, has received approval from government authorities, in the Brazil, for the sale of RSHO-X, under a doctor’s prescription, to patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. The permit marks the first time the National Health Surveillance Agency has granted filling of a prescription, for RSHO, to specifically target MS patients. In Brazil, the market for the drug is comprised of an estimated 1.36-20 patients per 100,000 inhabitants.

The CEO of MJNA, Dr. Stuart Titus, stated that Brazil has accepted the therapeutic value of medical cannabis and is helping its residents to treat conditions, with little to no cures, available. He also mentioned that recent research has proved that the use of cannabis tends to slowdown the neurodegenerative process. Dr. Titus also pointed out that their investment company, Axim Biotech, has developed a proprietary method of cannabis delivery, in MS patients, through chewing gum. He claimed that the new product would be used in the European markets, while RSHO-X would serve as a completely natural alternative.

HempMeds Brasil has made significant progress, since becoming the first ever company, to gain a permit for importing a cannabis based product, in the country. The company’s success is also reflected in the fact that it was recently featured in an article in Veja.com. The article pointed out that the health regulatory body in the country, has allowed RSHO to be used by patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, the story also covers a research conducted by Salk Institute of Biological Sciences, which represents the effectiveness of using cannabinoids and their ability to reduce brain inflammation. Dr. Titus praised the publication, for the article and state that coverage like this, tends to help spread the benefits of CBD and hemp oil products, specifically to patients who suffer from non-treatable conditions.

Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) lost 6.85% of its share value during the February 21 trading session, to reach a close at $0.132 per share.