31 October 2016

MJ Biz reports

Rhode Island regulators have issued emergency rules that create a new class of private medical marijuana cultivators to help meet a potential supply shortfall.

The growers will replace patient caregivers as a key MMJ supply source for the state’s three dispensaries, which aren’t producing all the different strains needed to supply Rhode Island’s more than 15,000 patients, the Providence Journal reported.

State officials worry there could be a shortage of medical cannabis because of a new law, effective Jan. 1 of next year, prohibiting dispensaries from buying excess plants from caregivers. The law was passed because some caregivers were producing more cannabis than their patients needed, and the excess supply was making its way to the black market.

Read their full report at https://mjbizdaily.com/rhode-island-issues-emergency-measures-to-meet-mmj-demand/

Statement of Findings For Emergency Adoption Of Dept Of Business Regulation Medical Marijuana Program  Emergency Regulation 1 – Licensed Cultivators