Arkansas medical cannabis officials send rules to lawmakers for OK


Medical marijuana delivery begins in San Jose, CA, after ban lifted

San Jose banned MMJ home delivery when the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act was enacted in January 2016. Although the new law permitted home delivery, municipalities could ban the practice and many, like San Jose, chose to do so.

In response to the ban, dozens of unlicensed delivery businesses soon sprouted in San Jose. So city officials in October approved legal MMJ deliveries, the Silicon Valley Business Journal reported.


Medical marijuana bill faces roadblock in Iowa House

Legislation authorizing the use of medical marijuana is quickly moving through the Iowa Senate with the goal of providing help for patients with cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder and a host of other ailments.

But the bill appears to face a major roadblock in House, where there aren’t enough votes within the Republican caucus to pass the  Senate bill, according to House Republican leaders.

Senate Study Bill 1190, labeled The Compassionate Use of Cannabis Act, was approved on a 3-0 subcommittee vote Wednesday morning and it cleared Senate Appropriations Committee on a voice vote Wednesday afternoon. Sen. Charles Schneider, R-West Des Moines, said the bill could be approved by the full Senate as early as Monday, which would send the measure to the House for consideration.



Marijuana Legalization Gets A Hearing In Rhode Island

One of my predictions for 2017 was that a state would legalize marijuana via legislative action. To be fair, I have predicted that every year since 2013. But 2017 seems to be more likely than any other year, if for any reason because there are now 8 states (and Washington D.C.) that already have legalization on the books. I would think that at least one state legislature would want to get out in front of legalization instead of sitting around and watching other states experience the benefits that come with legalization.

The top state on my list of most likely to legalize via legislative action is Rhode Island. Rhode Island has debated legalization for a handful of years now, and with Massachusetts set to implement legalized adult-use sales as early as next summer, it was obvious that the debate to bring legalization to Rhode Island would be ramped up this year. Yesterday a public hearing was held in which legalization was debated at Rhode Island’s Legislature.