USA Roundup: Colorado, Maine, Nevada


Denver May be Changing Marijuana Tax Structure

Several of the top industry experts and city laid out on Monday, August 14th the new ways that Denver in effect could tax marijuana customers and the companies producing related products as part of the continuing effort to ensure that taxes are high but not high enough to move people to the use of the black market.

Some of the options they considered are matching the medical taxes with the recreational taxes. This would work by taxing the wholesalers or the retailers in order for them to continue operating their marijuana businesses.

There has yet to be any changes set in stone but questions are coming up around what to charge the marijuana companies/consumers. Denver Councilwoman Kendra Black stated that “For the two years that I’ve been a City Council person, every time wr talk about marijuana, taxes and taxation come up. We talk about the possibility of raining the taxes, and we talk about earmarking the taxes.”

The current tax rate for cannabis in Denver if it is medical stands at the same rate as the city’s general sales tax rate of 3.65%. Recreational marijuana products are subject to that tax as well as an additional rate of 3.5%.




Week in Review: Maine rec cannabis launch delayed, Maryland MMJ grow licensees & DOJ vs. DEA


Judge: Nevada can expand pool for recreational cannabis distribution

A judge cleared the way for Nevada to allow more businesses to transport cannabis from growers to stores in an effort to keep up with overwhelming demand since recreational marijuana sales began last month.

Carson City District Judge James Russell on Thursday lifted an order blocking regulators from issuing cannabis distribution licenses to anyone other than alcohol wholesalers.

Nevada Court Rules Against Liquor Wholesalers in Cannabis Distribution Case


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