New Marijuana Distribution Law Allows More Efficiency, Product Consistency

Dispensary shelves across Colorado are about to become more consistent because of a new distribution law, according to several cannabis business owners. The law, signed in June and effective July 1, allows couriers and distributors to store cannabis inventory in third-party locations and also gives them more time to ship products.

Independent cannabis distributors previously had to take products from one licensed facility, such as a cultivation or infused-product facility, directly to a dispensary. Transfers that took longer than 24 hours were a violation under state law, and the products had to be returned to the facility of origin. Now, under the new law, companies with medical and retail transfer licenses have seven days to transport products to retail and medical marijuana businesses across Colorado.


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D.C. Council passes emergency legislation giving pot dispensing preference to black businesses

The D.C. Council has given minorities a hand up in the city’s new marijuana business as D.C. Department of Health statistics show that many local African-Americans are struggling with marijuana abuse.

The council has passed emergency legislation mandating that medical marijuana dispensary permits be given preferentially to minority-owned companies and small businesses.