Jeff Sessions Slams Marijuana Legalization (Again)


The nation’s top law enforcer is continuing to speak out against marijuana legalization.

“I’ve never felt that we should legalize marijuana,” U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on Wednesday. “It doesn’t strike me that the country would be better if it’s being sold on every street corner. We do know that legalization results in greater use.”

While not giving a clear answer about the enforcement of federal prohibition laws in states that have changed their cannabis policies, Sessions, a longtime legalization opponent, said, “Federal law remains in effect.”


Bring in the Banks? Legal Cannabis Industry Struggles to Find Financing


The lack of banking options limits the access that many marijuana companies have to financing. This reality is exacerbated by the fact that most companies in the legal cannabis industry are not publicly traded, which blocks off another potential source of financing. At present, publicly traded marijuana companies are primarily those peripherally involved with growing, including companies that provide marketing and advertising, agricultural technology, and business intelligence to the industry.


Florida institutes new rules for medical cannabis licenses



Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging Kentucky’s medical marijuana ban


A Kentucky judge has dismissed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the state’s ban on marijuana for medical purposes.

Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate recognized in a ruling Wednesday that marijuana has the potential for medicinal use. But he said the three people who filed the lawsuit do not have a constitutional right to violate a controlled-substance law.

The lawsuit was filed by three people who use medical marijuana. They could appeal the decision. An attorney representing them did not immediately respond to a phone call and email requesting comment.


100 Massachusetts towns have voted for weed bans, moratoriums or zoning restrictions


More than 100 municipalities already have imposed bans, moratoriums or zoning restrictions on commercial marijuana businesses, with a closely watched referendum scheduled for Tuesday in Milford, a central Massachusetts town of about 28,000 residents.


Michigan OKs vertically integrated medical cannabis companies


Nevada to explore recreational marijuana, gambling convergence