Judge Tells DOH to Approve Another Cannabis Cultivator In Florida


Boys Farm of Ruskin, Florida just took a major step towards becoming the state’s eight Medical Marijuana Treatment Center. It would be the first and only organic medical marijuana producer in the state.  Below is an excerpt from the recommendation by the court.

Based on the foregoing Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, it is RECOMMENDED that: 1. The Department of Health consider whether, in the exercise of newly acquired constitutional authority, it may license both Plants of Ruskin, Inc., and Tornello Landscape Corp., d/b/a 3 Boys Farm, as MMTCs; and then consider exercising such authority, if thought to exist, because there is no meaningful qualitative difference between these applicants, as a matter of ultimate fact. 2. If the Department chooses not to license both applicants as MMTCs, then a final order should be entered approving the application of Tornello Landscape Corp., d/b/a 3 Boys Farm, whose score of 96.12 is the highest, if only by a mathematically insignificant margin.




Michigan Ballot Measure to Legalize Cannabis is Approved for Signature Gathering



Here’s what just changed in Washington state marijuana laws

Sharing weed, medical marijuana home grows, organic-level certification and more


A week ago, Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed an omnibus marijuana bill, containing many changes to the regulations put in place in 2013, after Washington voters legalized recreational marijuana sales in 2012.

Senate Bill 5131 passed the Senate on April 20 with a vote of 44-5, and the House that same day, 63-33.

What developments does this marijuana mega-bill contain? Here’s our wrap-up of the major changes that could affect how Washingtonians and visitors experience legal weed in The Evergreen State.

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Senate Bill 5131