Legislation introduced for BYO cannabis clubs

Colorado Senate OKs cannabis clubs; governor threatens veto



Kansas Senate Committee Approves Vague MMJ Bill

Kansas Senate Committee Approves Vague MMJ Bill


Proposition M passed. First step to Los Angeles stepping up to compete with Denver ? MJ Biz report….

Election first step to clarity for L.A.’s legal cannabis industry


Last Tuesday, more than 80 people signed up to testify before the Marijuana Legalization Implementation Committee. Legislators heard a range of testimony about the opportunities and challenges of adult use legalization.

A number of witnesses raised concerns about the uncertainty of the federal government’s approach to state-legalized marijuana, as well as the appropriate tax regime, and concerns about workplace safety. Testimony made it clear that many unanswered questions sit before the committee, especially about the future of the current medical marijuana system.

compilation of submitted comments is  available online. ( link not working)

The committee’s next public hearing is next Friday, March 17th at 9 AM, in Room 216 of the Cross Building. The committee will be reviewing LD 243, sponsored by House Speaker Sara Gideon, which will move regulatory authority to the Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations, and provide funding for the new regulatory regime.

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Treasurer Deb Goldberg Seeks Federal Guidance On Enforcement of Marijuana Laws

Massachusetts Treasurer Deborah Goldberg said she is prepared to “move forward cautiously” with marijuana regulation, if state lawmakers appropriate the money. But first she hopes to get clarity from the U.S. government about whether Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans to crack down on states that have legalized marijuana.

“We would like clarity from the federal government,” Goldberg said in an interview Thursday, after testifying at a legislative budget hearing. “And I think when you talk to other states, they too, whether they’re Republican states that have passed recreational marijuana, independent states, or Democratic states — everybody wants clarity from the federal government.”


Cannabis licensing, business and equity permit plan. MJ Biz again…

Oakland expands marijuana license diversity program



Editorial: Can legalized marijuana solve Pa.’s fiscal ills?

So how does the state balance the books?

DePasquale believes the state should mimic Colorado and turn to pot.

Pennsylvania already is on the brink of legalized medical marijuana. Delaware County is at the forefront of the push, with proposals in Aston Township for a medical marijuana-growing facility, while Sharon Hill tonight will take up a similar plan for a dispensary.


Texas legislators receive 33,000 emails supporting marijuana reform

Texas lawmakers are being overwhelmed by emails in support of marijuana penalty reductions, medical marijuana, and full legalization.

Two bills in particular have been driving the massive 33,000 email response from Texans, both concerning decriminalization. The bills were filed late last year on the first day for when legislation could be submitted for the 2017 session. The deadline to file a bill for the 85th legislative session is Friday, March 10.

It is likely that legislators have received far more than 33,000 emails however, as this number only represents emails generated through action alerts by Texas NORML and Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy.

HB 81, which has the support of nearly a third of the Texas House of Representatives with 39 lawmakers signing on, would make possession of an ounce or less of marijuana a civil fine of up to $250. Those found in possession of an ounce or less would have their cannabis confiscated and be issued a ticket. There would be no arrest or criminal record. Those unable to pay the fine may opt for community service if the district attorney determines that they are indigent.