24 April 2017


Adult-Use Legislation Could Come This Session in Del.


An adult-use cannabis legalization bill in Delaware is near completion and will likely be introduced this session, according to a WDEL report. The bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Margaret Rose-Henry, indicated it has preliminary support of the state’s law enforcement community.

“Law enforcement wants this bill,” she said in the report. “I’m pleased to tell you that there are police officers who think this is a good thing that we are going to reduce their having to arrest people who don’t need to be arrested.”


Adult-Use Bills Introduced in Illinois


Maine Professionals For Regulating Marijuana

Garrett Introduces Legislation To Remove Marijuana From Controlled Substances List

Representative Tom Garrett (R-VA-5) has introduced HR 1227 Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017, with the intention of removing marijuana from the controlled substances list. In the announcement released with the introduction of the bill, Representative Garrett stated he felt states are “more than capable of handing [their] own marijuana policy.” Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI-2) is the lead Democrat on the bill, and seeks “to address our outdated and widely problematic marijuana laws by federally decriminalizing marijuana.”



Tennessee House passes bill to revoke cities’ marijuana decriminalization efforts

The bill would nullify laws that Memphis and Nashville have passed that have reduced the penalty for weed in some cases