22 March 2017


LSU extends deadline for medical marijuana cultivation applications


Nevada lawmaker seeks gun rights for legal marijuana users


A North Las Vegas Democrat has introduced a bill in the Nevada Senate that would allow medical marijuana users to possess a firearm and obtain a carry permit.

As part of a bevy of legislation in the state Senate addressing medical marijuana reform introduced this session, one measure would help to preserve the gun rights of those with a cannabis card.

Sponsored by state Sen. Kelvin Atkinson, his bill would update Nevada law with the respect that the holder of a valid medical marijuana registry card would not be deemed to be an “unlawful user of, or addicted to,” a controlled substance solely based on having a card. Current state law bars firearm possession by those so classified and requires a sheriff to automatically deny applications for concealed carry permits to the more than 15,000 residents with a registered medical marijuana card. Under Atkinson’s proposal, this would change.


Pennsylvania Auditor Says State Budget Could Be More Balanced With Legal Weed


San Antonio council members support marijuana cite and release program


Five members of the San Antonio City Council have expressed support for a cite and release program similar to the one enacted in the Houston area earlier this year.

Also supporting such a program is Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood, according to San Antonio Express-News through mySA.com.

“It’s a win-win for everybody if done correctly,” he said. “I’ve supported cite and release since the law changed,” he said, pointing to the 2007 law which allows law enforcement to issue a citation to offenders committing one of six Class A and B misdemeanors, including carrying four ounces or less of marijuana, instead of carting them to jail.