9 March 2017



CannaSOS write

Sen. Jason Rapert suggested banning medical marijuana smoking in Arkansas. After the support in Senate Public Health committee, the bill will be transferred to the full Senate for further discussion.

Senate Public Health committee also decided to ban edibles in the state making exception for medical marijuana patients. So no more candies and bongs.


The Bill 357, introduced by Sen. Jason Rapert, is aimed to add one extra line to the Amendment from November which says that people should not smoke pot anywhere in Arkansas.


Latest Draft of Bill as of 9 March 2017




Oakland’s revised pot laws add residency requirement For Cannabis Retailers


Anyone who owns and operates a pot business in Oakland will have to live in the city, Oakland’s lawmakers have decided.

That’s bad news for established businesses like Dark Heart Nursery, run by a San Leandro resident who’s worked in the city for more than a decade and whose family has lived in Oakland for three generations.

“We’re sitting here with millions of dollars of investments, millions paid in taxes to the city and 60 local employees. And we’re going to have to shutter our doors,” said Dan Grace, who runs the East Oakland nursery.


Florida Medical Marijuana Bill Would Outlaw Smokable and Edible Cannabis


Florida lawmakers file bill to overhaul marijuana laws


New Hampshire bills decriminalizing marijuana, expanding MMJ easily clear House


The bills won support from more than 300 of the chamber’s 400 members. Members also backed a bill allowing people to grow their own medical marijuana by a smaller margin. They’ll now move to the Senate, which has typically taken a stricter approach to marijuana-related legislation. The bills were voted on during a marathon House session with lawmakers voting on education policy, election law, LGBT rights and dozens of others.

The decriminalization bill, HB640, would remove criminal penalties for possessing one ounce or less of marijuana. New Hampshire is the only New England state without some form of decriminalization in place. Republican Gov. Chris Sununu said he would sign the bill if it reaches his desk, and advocates praised the House’s action.


Bill Introduced in Nevada Senate Would Allow Social Cannabis Use

Bill Introduced in Nevada Senate Would Allow Social Cannabis Use


Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program