4 April 2016

Last month, Judge Brian Holeman ruled in favor of upholding the Local Budget Autonomy Act, which was approved in 2013 by 82 percent of the voters, giving the District more control over what it does with its local funds. The ruling, which asserts that the will of the citizens should be respected, now provides the District with the financial self-sufficiency it has needed to move forward with creating a retail marijuana trade without having to succumb to any further sandbag tactics by Congress.

“This means that the council can move forward to determine how to tax and regulate marijuana and pass a law to do so this fall,” the Marijuana Policy Project wrote in a statement.

Although the cultivation, possession and transfer of marijuana has been legal in the District for over a year, an appropriations rider, introduced by Maryland Representative Andy Harris, in 2014, has prevented the D.C. Council from enacting legislation aimed at establishing a retail pot market. There was some speculation that Congress would do away with the amendment before passing the current federal spending bill, last December, but it, along with several others, were simply renewed without much debate.

Full Report At: http://hightimes.com/read/district-columbia-could-be-allowed-retail-pot-sales-2017

Judge Brian Holeman

Washington Post : Superior Court judge sides with D.C. lawmakers on control of locally-raised dollars