USA Wrap: Albuquerque, Colorado, Illinois.


Title: Albuquerque City Council votes to decriminalize marijuana

Author: Denver Post

Date: 3 April 2018


Extract: The Albuquerque City Council voted to decriminalize marijuana possession in small amounts Monday night, after lengthy testimony from citizens mostly urging them to approve the change to the local criminal code.

The proposal put forward by city council members Pat Davis and Isaac Benton would amend Albuquerque’s criminal code by making it a citable offense to possess an ounce (28 grams) of pot and paraphernalia without a valid medical marijuana referral. Authorities could issue a $25 ticket but no jail time. Councilman Pat Davis equated the penalty to a traffic ticket, saying that for many it would “beat having to check a box for the rest of your life” and deal with years of consequences that can result from having a marijuana misdemeanor show up on a court record.



Title: Colorado Bill Would Qualify Autism for Medical Marijuana

Author: Westword

Date: April 2018




Title: Bank Pulls out of Illinois medical marijuana industry

Author: ABC News

Date: 3 April 2018


Extract:  Illinois medical marijuana companies may have to deal in cash because the main bank serving them is withdrawing from the industry.

The Bank of Springfield informed cannabis clients last month it would close their accounts May 21, the Chicago Tribune reported .

The decision to withdraw is tied to the reversal in January of a policy from President Barack Obama’s administration that discouraged the prosecution of operators under state marijuana laws.

“The bank’s stance is that protecting their customers is paramount,” said Andrew Mack, a spokesman for the bank. “The Bank of Springfield will not jeopardize any of their customers by working with businesses that operate in the legal gray zone.”

Illinois’ Bank of Springfield Closing All MMJ Industry Accounts



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