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Title: Don’t Expect Joints If the FDA Ever Approves Medical Marijuana

Author: Bloomberg

Date: 7 May 2018



While past marijuana opponents like John Boehner are coming around to legal weed, the Food and Drug Administration isn’t likely to recommend that Americans light up a joint anytime soon.



Title: Weedmaps Wants to Drive the Conversation on Marijuana With Hundreds of Billboards Installations show positive facts about pot usage

Author: Ad Week

Date: 7 May 2018



Weedmaps, a cannabis directory platform, doesn’t want the general public to walk away with wrong nuggets of information around marijuana. So, it plans on continuing its “Weed Facts” campaign over the next few months with new statistics and studies around legalization.



Title: Marijuana super PAC created to oust legislative ‘sphincter’ Rep. Pete Sessions

Author: Washington Examiner

Date: 7 May 2018



Marijuana reform activists have created a new super PAC aimed exclusively at defeating Texas Republican Rep. Pete Sessions, the House Rules Committee chairman who has blocked cannabis reform legislation from reaching the House floor.

Marijuana Policy Project founder and former Executive Director Rob Kampia is leading the effort, which he said is crucial to legalizing medical marijuana federally and affirming federalism for recreational pot, two policies supported in principle by President Trump.

“Everyone knows who he is and that he’s our biggest problem on Capitol Hill. Half of my job has already been done by Pete Sessions himself,” Kampia told the Washington Examiner. “All I’m going to do is pass the hat.”


California Insurance Commissioner Approves Coverage for Those Who Lease Space to Marijuana Businesses



Colorado House Bill 1011 could have ramifications world-wide in the Cannabis Industry




Title: Caesar’s Entertainment Drops Marijuana From Drug Testing

Author: Cannabis Now

Date: 8 May 2018



Although the Nevada Gaming Commission will not allow people stoned on marijuana to gamble in casinos, cannabis connoisseurs interested in securing gainful employment at some of these establishments may no longer need to concern themselves with trying to pass a drug screen.

Caesar’s Entertainment, which operates 50 casinos and hotels across the nation, recently eliminated marijuana from its pre-employment screening process. It is a bold move that could inspire more companies in the hospitality trade to make similar changes.

All across the nation, employers are being forced to reconsider testing potential job recruits for pot. Now that marijuana is legal in more than half the nation for medical and/or recreational use there are millions of legal pot smokers, which has made it difficult for factories, hotels and other businesses to find candidates who can pass a drug test.



Title: Some see ‘green rush’ in Maryland’s medical marijuana industry


Date: 7 May 2018



The medical marijuana business is up and running in Maryland after the Medical Cannabis Commission approved 102 dispensaries, many of which are open and ready for customers.

For some Marylanders, it means they can legally use marijuana to treat a medical condition. For others, it means what some call a “green rush” of business opportunities and jobs.

The Culta cannabis cultivation facility is located in a warehouse yard in Cambridge on the site of the original Bumble Bee tuna factory, surrounded by barbed wire fence and guarded by a security system.


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