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We are pleased to announce our newest Member support team member, Verifundr. This company will support our escrow services for wholesale buying and selling.

eXPO is meeting top government regulators and executive members in PA and Nevada and returning to Los Angeles city hall.

eXPO had it’s largest single day pick up by Fed licensed armored car of $180,000 and surpassed over $2,000,000 in its encumbered accounts, had 200 eCHECKS written and added merchant services for members to load by credit and pin debit cards ready to launch in 4 to 5 weeks.

As we move into double digit business Member accounts and grow our consumer accounts, we pause to thank you for your kind support.



I’m excited to announce the release of our most recent Cannabis Intelligence Briefing Series report US Legal Cannabis: Driving $40 Billion Economic Output. With Jeff Sessions’ recent decision to rescind the “Cole Memo,” and the roll out of California’s adult-use market, this report couldn’t be more timely.

There are few things more crucial to our future as an industry and political movement then jobs, tax dollars, and overall economic growth. In this report you’ll learn how by 2021 there will be roughly 400,000 jobs, $4 billion in tax receipts, and $40 billion in annual economic impact tied to the cannabis industry. If you are a investor, entrepreneur, or regulator trying to make the best decisions in 2018, you need access to the best data in the cannabis industry. And we’ve got it.


Congress members defend CBD, blast DEA’s hemp decision



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The legislature had a busy first week back. After convening last Wednesday for the start of the second regular session, the legislature has held multiple hearings related to marijuana.

On Tuesday, the Marijuana Legalization Implementation Committee hosted a public hearing to receive testimony on LD 1719 An Act To Implement a Regulatory Structure for Adult Use Marijuana, the updated regulatory bill that will build on the work done last session, as well as address some of the Governor’s and House Republican’s concerns that led to a sustained veto. Testimony from the hearing is available on the committee’s website.

Members of MPRM presented testimony on specific ways to address concerns that led to the veto last session, edits to Maine’s tax code, in favor of the opt-in language for municipalities, and the definition of plant canopy that will appear in the bill. The committee is holding a work session today and is expected to incorporate suggestions from the public hearing, while taking into consideration conversations with the Governor and his office.

Then, on Wednesday, the Health and Human Services Committee held a hearing on numerous bills related to the medical marijuana program. The marathon hearing, which lasted 12 hours, provided ample opportunity for groups to weigh in on proposed changes for the program, including some that were proposed by the Department of Health and Human Services last fall, and others being considered now by the committee.

MPRM testified in support of LD 1527, An Act To Ensure Safety, Quality and Transparency in the Medical Marijuana Market and To Ensure Sufficient Funding for Regulation and Enforcement with Respect to the Retail Marijuana Industry, providing updated language for the bill to harmonize the public health and safety provisions the MLI Committee is expected to adopt with public health and safety provisions for the medical marijuana program. Testimony from the hearing is not yet available, but will be posted on the committee’s site once it is.

Amidst both of the hearings this week, the MLI Committee has also introduced an extension of the moratorium on retail sales, until May 1st, to allow the legislature to continue to implement the adult-use market. The Committee will hold a public hearing for LD 1775 An Act To Further Delay the Implementation of Certain Provisions of the Marijuana Legalization Act on January 19th- stay tuned for updates on how to be involved.


Cannabis Legalization Bill Introduced in New Jersey


New York Lawmakers Hold Cannabis Legalization Hearing



Title: Vermont Legislature Votes to Legalize Cannabis

Author: Cannabis Industry Jnl

Date: 10 January 2018