Their latest update dated 23 February 2018

The Marijuana Legalization Implementation Committee wrapped up its work today, in order to send the final bill to both the House and Senate for final votes. Under the new legalization framework, the committee would move licensing authority for the medical program under the same licensing authority as the adult-use program, eliminate mention of social clubs, and remove revenue sharing language that was in the bill vetoed last fall. In addition to these changes, the new bill would reduce the number of allowable plants to 3 per adult, which is down from 6 in the voter-passed referendum. The committee voted 13-1 to advance the bill, with the missing committee members expected to vote for the bill as well.

The Health and Human Services Committee continues to meet, in an effort to update the medical program, with the specially-formed subcommittee continuing to craft a reform bill for the larger committee.

Maine Committee Votes to Strike Cannabis Social Club Language from Implementation Bill




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Useful information from CPA California Cannabis who map out the plethora of medical cannabis licenses on offer in the state.

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Did you know that Michigan is ranked second in the country for states with medical cannabis programs?

At this time, there are five different types of medical cannabis licenses a business can obtain in Michigan. The process is lengthy – and new regulations seem to indicate Michigan is moving one step closer to full legalization.

Should you consider expanding your cannabis business to Michigan? Here’s what you need to know.

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