Title: Dow’s Big One-Day Drop Doesn’t Hurt Cannabis Stocks

Author: Leafly

Date:  5 February 2018



Today’s big Dow drop—a loss of 1,175 points in a single day—sent many investors rushing to unload their equity holdings, but cannabis stocks remained calm amid the storm.

Cannabis investment analyst Alan Brochstein, who writes Leafly’s Cannabis Capitalist column, summed up the situation at the end of the trading day:

“Cannabis stocks experienced some early weakness, following through from last week’s steep declines, but they reversed early, led by buying in Canada.”



Title: A powerful Republican Senator hints that Congress may discuss nationwide marijuana legalization this year

Author: Business Insider

Date: 5 February 2018



Sen. Thom Tillis, a powerful Republican from North Carolina, suggested in a letter shared with Business Insider that the Senate Judiciary Committee is “likely” to discuss marijuana legalization this year.

The letter was addressed to Rod Kight, a North Carolina lawyer who works with companies in the cannabis industry.

Kight first wrote a letter to Tillis in support of two bills — Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017 and The Marijuana Justice Act —  that both seek to de-schedule marijuana and effectively legalize the drug at the federal level. Kight was advocating on behalf of the bills for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

Republican Senator Says Cannabis Legalization Debate ‘Likely’ This Congress


Indiana Senate Approves Bill Allowing Broad Use of CBD


What’s Next for Marijuana Legalization in NY? Lawyers Tell Us


Date: 5 February 2018



Dozens of lawyers and lobbyists had a role in bringing a legal marijuana industry to New York state. The law firms and lobby shops that were involved in and pushed the rise of medical marijuana are now gearing up for the next frontier: a recreational scheme. Realization of such regulatory work in the Empire State could take at least three to five years, marijuana experts said, and any move could draw greater scrutiny from some in the Trump administration who are against further expanding state legalization, such as U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


Title:  New York Today: A Cultural History of Marijuana

Author: New York Times

Date: 5 February 2018



Will New York be the next state to legalize marijuana? Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s 2018 budget plan calls for a study of the pros and cons.

If legal weed comes to New York City, it would finally achieve legitimacy in a place with a long, mixed record of tolerance and crackdowns. Here’s a quick spin through the cultural history of pot here.



Virginia Legislature Approves ‘Let Doctors Decide’ MMJ Expansions