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New Jersey & Virginia Governor-Elects Support Cannabis Law Reforms

Election results: Recreational cannabis legalization strong possibility in New Jersey + wins in Detroit

Title: New Jersey’s On Track To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In The Next 100 Days

Author: Civilized

Date: 8 November 2017


Extract:  New Jersey is on track to legalize marijuana within the next hundred days. The countdown began last night when New Jerseyans elected pro-legalization candidate Phil Murphy (D) to replace Governor Chris Christie, who could not run for a third term in office.

Murphy repeatedly championed legalization on the campaign trail, including his address following his victory in the New Jersey primary last June, where he argued that repealing prohibition was primarily an issue of social justice.

“The criminalization of marijuana has only served to clog our courts and cloud people’s futures, so we will legalize marijuana,” Murphy said. “And while there are financial benefits, this is overwhelmingly about doing what is right and just.”


Title: Election 2017: Legalization Candidates and Measures Win Big

Author: Leafly

Date: 7 November 2017


Extract: Final Update: This was a small but significant night for cannabis-tied races and measures around the country. New Jersey’s pro-legalization gubernatorial candidate, Phil Murphy, won handily, and will take over for the nation’s most notorious prohibitionist, Chris Christie. In Detroit, two medical marijuana reform ordinances passed easily, with about 60% of the vote. And in Athens, Ohio, voters overwhelmingly approved a measure to de-penalize cannabis possession, with a whopping 77% of voters approving the measure.



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Title: Michigan Police To Begin Testing Drivers’ Saliva For Drugs

Author: Medical ( Thankyou to Andrew Sacks)

Date: November 2017


Extract:  In an effort to better test drivers suspected of operating a vehicle under the influence of illicit substances, police from 12 Michigan agencies will experiment using handheld devices that will test drivers’ saliva for the use of several drugs.





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