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Likely Outcomes of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Siding with the DEA


Title: These 4 Cannabis Stocks Are Redefining Banking

Author: Pot Network

Date: 4 May 2018



Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have changed consumer’s relationships to banking and money. In an interesting twist, the cannabis industry, which faces serious banking issues, is leaving its mark on the financial sector. Countries like the United States with banking restrictions and in some cases prohibitions for cannabis transactions have made it difficult for these very businesses to handle money seriously.

Most marijuana stocks have to resort to cash only transactions which present challenges for businesses and consumers. While some may view these challenge as a barrier to entry to the cannabis stock market, others have converted those challenges to produce innovative solutions for high-risk businesses like cannabis.



Title: Former Overstock president predicts that cannabis will be as big as e-commerce

Author: CNBC

Date: 20 April 2018



In 2015, Alan Gertner left his role as head of Google’s Asia-Pacific sales team in Singapore to run a high-end cannabis brand, Tokyo Smoke. Former House Speaker John Boehner recently joined the board of directors of a cannabis-focused holdings company.

Stormy Simon, the former president of, is among those betting big on bud. When she decided to leave e-commerce in order to take on the cannabis industry, Simon’s friends told her it was “career suicide.” But she predicts the cannabis industry is going to be just as big.

“To come from the professional background that I have, to walk away from an amazing job at a company that I absolutely played a huge piece in building — you have to have a passion,” she says. “My passion came from the research I have done, and from watching Colorado and their economic benefits. This just makes sense across the board.”


Title: Small Businesses Grapple With Maze of Conflicting Cannabis Laws

Author: Leafly

Date: 3 May 2018



For small businesses, however, how to handle these challenges may be a tougher call than for bigger corporations. There is a bewildering patchwork of state laws regarding medical and recreational marijuana use. And it’s still illegal under federal law. Yet smaller companies don’t have extensive HR and legal departments to help them sort through it all.

“There is a lot of conflict there, and many employers, they just don’t know what to do,” said Kathryn Russo, a lawyer at Melville, New York-based firm Jackson Lewis. Recreational marijuana use is legal in nine states plus Washington, D.C., and medical marijuana is legal in 29 states.

Here are some questions small businesses need to consider when deciding on what drug testing policies to follow…



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