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Title: Controversial Marijuana Tracking Bill Dies in Colorado Legislature for Second Time

Author: Cannabis Business Times

Date: 7 May 2018



A marijuana tracking bill that drew the ire of the cannabis industry died almost as quickly as it appeared in the Colorado General Assembly on Thursday, May 3. Introduced by Senator Kent Lambert late in the legislative session on April 27, SB 279 would have required a tracking agent on all medical and retail marijuana plants and products in Colorado, but it was voted down unanimously by the Senate Finance Committee. However, committee members seemed open to a similar proposal in the future.

Marijuana industry reps and advocates for medical marijuana patients testified against the bill during its first reading on May 3, voicing concerns that unknown additives might be applied to marijuana and also noting that text in the bill could create a potential monopoly for one company to make a specific type of tracking system that has yet to be developed by Colorado State University-Pueblo’s Institute of Cannabis Research.


Title: The Responsible Regulation Alliance: Carving a Different Advocacy Path in Massachusetts

Author:Cannabis Business Times

Date: 9 May 2018



Over the past six months, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, guided by the Cannabis Control Commission, has moved steadily toward the launch of the adult-use cannabis market, scheduled to begin on July 1. The Commission has worked diligently, demonstrating that its members are committed to overseeing a system that is functional, but also protects public health and provides social benefits. This is challenging work – especially when it comes to crafting regulations related to the operations of this new industry.

How, one might ask, does a Commission regulate an industry that is so young that best practices do not really exist yet? Is it advisable to follow the lead of states that have come before them when the usefulness of those other states’ laws and regulations are difficult to determine? How can the Commission members distinguish between effective regulations and those that seem logical but are creating significant inefficiencies?


Title: Missouri House’s medical marijuana bill is nothing but a smokescreen

Author: Kansas City Star

Date: 13 May 2018



It is very clear from statewide polling data that the majority of Missourians want access to medical marijuana if they have a terminal illness or are suffering from a debilitating medical condition.

While I appreciate the opinion expressed in a recent Star editorialthat a legislative solution is preferable to a constitutional amendment for addressing the legality of medical marijuana in Missouri, I respectfully disagree. I fail to see any similarity between the ballot initiatives that have received tremendous popular support from our citizens and Missouri HB 1554, which was passed by the House on May 1 as a last-second attempt by the General Assembly to ensure that Missourians will have the absolute minimum possible access to medical marijuana.

Criticism that the House bill is narrow and restrictive is at best an understatement. HB 1554 is crippling preemptive legislation that essentially removes medical marijuana from the reach of just about any patient who might benefit.

The bill creates a complex scheme through which medical cannabis is declared to be an investigational drug, which may be recommended or prescribed by a physician to treat patients with a terminal illness or a debilitating medical condition after all other treatments have been considered. The focal point of this bill is the requirement that medical cannabis is to be prescribed only in keeping with an ongoing clinical trial specific to the patient’s condition.

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Oregon Cannabis Association  invited to testify at the Canadian Senate.

Last week our Executive Director and Program Manager traveled to Ottawa to testify in favor of implementing legalization on schedule. As many of you know, implementation has been log jammed in the more conservative Senate and is facing significant delay. The OCA appeared on a panel and testified strongly that legalized cannabis has a number of positive public health impacts, creates jobs and creates new revenue. The OCA also counter balanced some of the more conservative prohibitionist panelists during our time in front of the Committee. We wish our Canadian neighbors good luck and strongly support legalization as a global movement. We are also thankful for this huge honor!



Title: Vermont Law School to help expunge marijuana misdemeanors

Author: WCAX

Date: 13 May 2018



The Vermont Law School plans to help those with misdemeanor marijuana charges in Windsor County expunge their record.

The Valley News reports Windsor County State’s Attorney David Cahill and the school’s Center for Justice Reform have agreed to help those with charges begin the process of clearing their records at a June 9 event. The announcement comes ahead of the July 1 change in marijuana laws that will allow the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Felonies or convictions of marijuana sales will not be eligible.



West Virginia mulling payment, banking options for medical marijuana companies







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